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Thanks so much for the shirt guys keep making awesome products !!


they helped me with my order which went wrong from my side. they helped me really fast so 5 stars worth

Nobby Plug - Google reviews

''Love this shirt keep up the awesome work.''


ASOBIMASU™ Shop original Japanese street fashion online

ASOBIMASU™ Designs Original Japanese Street Fashion meaning that you won't find any of our designs elsewhere. Our inspiration comes from Japanese Street fashion and (Japanese) Pop-culture. We want our designs to be unique and that's why we don't focus on bringing as many designs out there, We have our focus on designing unique designs and that's exactly what street fashion is all about, being different and unique, it's about self-expression something that's dear to street apparel lovers.

The most influential street fashion at any date till now is, without doubt, the Japanese street fashion scene. Japanese pop-culture has become significantly more popular in the west in the last decade, and rightly so, Japanese culture and pop-culture has much to offer and now many in the west wish to express themselves with Japanese inspired clothing.

We at ASOBIMASU™ mix a variety of Japanese themes into our designs, from Shinto to anime and Manga, designs in traditional Ukiyo-e style or other styles from Yokai, to Kawaii, to Folklore to Samurai you name it, we have it or will in the near future, so make sure to come back and check for new designs once in a while.

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