Asobimasu™ is a result of when you combine two of your passions, for us(Andre & Silvia) that meant Japanese-pop culture and fashion.

''Asobimasu'' is a Verb in Japanese and can be interpreted in various ways depending on the context. It can mean

''Having a good time'' ''hanging out'' ''to play''(in an unorganized fashion). It can also mean ''to do nothing.'' There's much more to tell about the verb, but we don't want to turn this into a Japanese lesson, so another quick explanation for Asobimasu is that it is the opposite of ''Hatarakimasu'' which means ''work'' or ''to work''. Although we love what we do, nothing beats having a good time or even to do nothing time by time! 

We launched our store on September 21, 2018, and the feedback has been great ever since.

We love to hear your honest thoughts as well. Please email us for any thoughts, ideas, or suggestions at info@asobimasu.com

Thank you for reading!

Asobimasu™ is an online clothing shop launched in September 2018. Founded by Andre & Silvia