Modeling for Asobimasu

Are you interested in modeling for us? That's great because we want real people to model our clothes. Don't worry you don't need to be 6 feet(1,8m) tall and zero-sized. All we want is you to like our products, have a professional camera, and/or photographer. That's right in most cases we will send the clothes to you. Like what we have to offer? Then send us an email at after you've read the following conditions of course.

- Be at least a size 5'1 (154cm) tall, Unfortunately, our clothes don't come any smaller than this! (Sorry)

- Have at least some modeling experience.

- Have an or have an appreciation for an alternative fashion style(j-fashion). And you have to be interested in Japanese pop culture. We sell clothing that's inspired by Japanese pop-culture and fashion(J-fashion) and we need our models to reflect this.

- Have at least some knowledge about photography (if you take the photos by yourself)

Did you qualify our needs? Then all we need from you is

Your Name:
Your Age:
Your Height:
Social media:
Your Website (if you have one):
Body Mods / Tattoos(if you have any) :

*We try to answer anyone as soon as possible, please don't send an email twice, as this will only reduce your chances of being chosen. Also, this is not only for women, we want men too!

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